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@hardtailforever arrives!! come see feel and put on…. you won’t be able to help yourself…soooo comfy!! xoxo

RAOUL bags arrived….no other words needed..except… Italian leather..

Our OOTRA campus favorites chosen by Olivia..Sydney in Chappaqua and Helen and Cindy in Naperville!!!

Ootra’naperville MUST HAVES
for back to campus…
Helen&Cindy (Naperville)

1. Black staple slip dress. This is a perfect staple for college students, it’s a go to piece when you sleep in too late. Perfect with wedges/booties and a bralette for going out, or knee socks and the favorite knit sweater once fall comes. Get much use for this piece for $68.

2. Free people swing tank. Obviously… No explanation necessary. Great to have on hand for the days you want a more casual look but could also dress this up very easily. Where would my wardrobe be without one (or 5..) of these?

3. Statement turquoise necklace and Buddha necklaces.. The statement necklace has a color that most people associate with summer but pairing turquoise with olives burnt oranges make these colors work season in and season out. Great staple for students for daily use as well as dressing up a simple piece.

4. Free people crochet knit must have for any occasion. Great for that first night out on campus (and every other night….)

Ootra’chappaqua MUST HAVES
for college …
Olivia &Sydney (Chappaqua)
1. Silver layering necklace perfect for casual wear, and to dress up any outfit. An easy way to make any outfit stand out using minimal effort

2. Free people slip dress, the green color is perfect for fall, and will make any girl on campus stand out, pair with sweaters, jackets, tights, or t-shirts

3. Hard tail jacket, super soft, but practical and warm, this jacket is perfect for campus life when you are just running out and need something to keep warm

creativity…. requires only one thing.. confidence to try and do…
unleash your desire and DO!!!

we ootragirls..love styling you!! and embracing lolla!!

we ootragirls..love styling you!! and embracing lolla!!

part two
by ootragirl

PAPRIKA is a color in style that you only need a dash and your streetstyle comes alive…which absolutely energizes you!!

PAPRIKA color is so rich so potent ..a scarf ..a belt ..a top ..a purse will warm your heart up… promise… as a stylist I love enriching your look with it!!

A PAPRIKA color lipstick..made everything alright for me yesterday..
as you all know I’ve been isolated in the woods for three weeks.. working on my art and ootra …
yesterday my hair pulled up in a high bun I put my jimmy choo flash sunglasses on and went for my red lipstick !! instastyle!!! I knew I would never see anyone on my 2 mile walk around the woods… only sounds and creatures…

the PAPRIKA lip made me felt better immediately… though secretly in my head… you never know where the paparazzi might be lurking :)
active imagination for sure!!! smiling me…. I love living in my head…

As I walked around the woods I thought of my dad and how he would make chicken paprikash for us…
before I fell in love with the dish I fell in love with that tin!! the artist in me…

The art the design of that tin … it looks from faraway long ago.. a vintage appearance.. I love the confidence in the size.. despite not needing a lot …
it is a potent spicy paprika!! It is a necessary spice in your pantry..

an accessory that can never run out.. required.. like a pearl necklace.. when you NEED it you NEED it.. no switching out for anything else…

if you don’t have …you need!! go and buy today!! if I have styled you before you KNOW don’t argue.. just GO!!

The recipe:
things you’ll need
chicken your choice
I use boneless breasts
my dad used all pieces with bones
Hungarian PAPRIKA
sour cream

you may use a large skillet or pot
place butter in to melt
add chopped onion
and raw chicken
sear all….
add a few tablespoons of PAPRIKA till all is covered and colored..I go craxy and pour it in judging by the color… if there’s enough.. just remember it’s HOT..
add water til approx 1 to 11/2 inches above the chicken ..
cover let simmer..

grab a medium size bowl
add 3/4 stick of butter softened about 2 cups flour and 2 eggs… stir until stiff consistency..
open the pot… stick your tablespoon in to heat it up…
then spoon little balls of the dough mixture into the paprikash.. cover and simmer for an hour…

If you’re over the top you’ll bake some bread …
otherwise … serve it up and savor the color .. the smell.. the dish…

thanks dad!!!